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Level 3 - Event Organizer / Level 3 Technical Delegate – Divisional TD

A Level 3 official will be able to:

  • perform any “major official” role at the national championship level.

  • effectively structure, staff, and manage a competition and event organizing committee at the division through to the national level.

  • be familiar with the CCC and FIS rule book and make appropriate rule interpretations as they apply to division level competitions.
  • Be able to provide a risk management assessment for a race site and develop an effective Risk Management plan.

  • teach the Level 1 and 2 Officials clinics after having achieved Certification.

A Level 3 TD will be able to:

  • perform the role of a Divisional Technical Delegate for events which require the overseeing and performing of all aspects of officiating at the division level for division cup and popular cross-country ski (loppet) competitions.
  • perform roles described for a Level 3 Event Organizer

Course Particulars:

Theoretical training is conducted during a four day seminar incorporating observation of a national level or regional championship competition that covers at least 3 different race formats.

Certification will be based on passing a series of pre and post assignments and the course conductor’s recommendations.


The course participant must:

  • be recommended by his/her division.

  • have performed at least two different “major official” duties and at least three different “secondary official” duties at the division cup or national championships (or equivalent) level events (log book/registry documentation may be required).

  • hold Level 2 officials certification.

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Once you have fulfilled the registration requirements and made payment through the CCC office they will then give you the Enrolment Key which is needed to enter this course. If you need any assistance in completing this process please contact Al Maddox at